Christchurch Massage Therapy


Health is movement. It is unimpeded circulation, unimpaired nerve transmission and free range of motion of muscles and joints. Further, it is a sense of strength, flexibility and flow within yourself. Your body is a complete unit.

For example, back pain can involve postural imbalances in the head and neck, pelvis and abdomen, and the knees and ankles. These imbalances can arise from a combination of biomechanical, emotional, nutritional and pathological causes.


My intention as a massage and craniosacral practitioner is to use soft tissue manipulation and/or subtle energy techniques to release constrictions/stresses and promote flow within the body.

Massage therapy can be defined as the physical manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote general well being.

Craniosacral therapy involves the application of gentle touch to identify and reduce restrictions of the membranes, tissues, fluids and bones surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It’s aim is to move the body and mind towards a more restored and balanced state of being.

Massage and Craniosacral therapy can be used to treat: chronic muscle aches and pains; back, shoulder and neck pain; sciatica; headaches; migraines; tinnitus; stress; anxiety and chronic fatigue.

about1For athletes, massage is an important component of any training regimen as it can improve exercise recovery time, reduce cramping, promote the healing of soft tissues and minimise the risk of injury thereby improving overall performance.

The massage techniques I offer are:

Trigger Point Therapy: Neuromuscular Technique; Swedish/Relaxation (including use of hot stones); Sports; Pregnancy


“Health may be regarded in a general sense as a robust existence, a feeling of optimum vitality and strong resistance, a state of alertness and awareness. I like to think of it as being able to do physically whatever you envision for yourself mentally.”

Alan Beardall, DC